Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dolls, Dolls, Rag Dolls and Vintage Toys

Cute baby doll hat matches lips..&.. small piano doll

Old Vintage Doll House Doll & Cute Doll Buggy

Rag Doll made out of Vintage Kitchen Linens

Vintage old Selling Sample Wood Stove...
This is past down Family Doll Wood Stove

Old kitchen toys and a little of this and that
Cute clothespin doll in watering can

Bloom where your planted...a very cute Rag Doll...

A Rag Doll Fairy Angel....has Strings for her legs...
Love her purse and it says Fairy Dust......

Vintage Disney /Pixar Kellogg's Doll and
Cute Ganz Wee Bear dressed in a cow suit...
Feedsack old quilt top cover table...Tin Rooster..

Vintage 1972 Ginny Doll
I have a few of these sweet dolls of world...
She is Dutch

Ginny 1972 Dolls of world cute dressed...
Sweet face too...I don't know what country

Homemade Rag Doll, with Torn Rag Hair
Doll with Hat with sunflower is a is a Torn Rags
Made into a Doll cute
Small Rag doll with Brown hair

Cute Torn Tattered Rags and Strings Dolls

Cute Small Rag Dolls and old quilt heart I change my
dolls around a lots...smile :) Love to rearrange them...

The Vintage Shirley Temple Doll and
Photo of Shirley Temple

Vintage Lace Table Cloth on Antique Highback Oak Bed
Vintage Linens and Lace made into Rag dolls and dress for Bear

Hope you enjoyed my Vintage Dolls and a few Vintage Toys
I do have lots more to show...I need to take more pictures..
Click on the picture...They will get larger to see them better...

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Melody said...

Oh Judy, What a lovely collection of dolls. Love the way you display em.