Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July
for time does not stand still 
 I'm always saying I'm going to do better
I have not had any accidents
Thank you, JESUS!
But I have had a wonderful 
year of 3 more great grand babies!
So this has made this year very busy enjoying them!
But I am never too busy to enjoy reading what others
write or posting on Pinterest!
Just wanted to post a few pictures to update 
this blog and my other blogs! About time I would say!
My dolls are like this one please pick me up! LOL
  She is in my storage room there is no place for her in my home
I have a lot of dolls in my storage room waiting too find 
a new home are to be place in my home. Before I move 
I did have room for them at my other home. Here I just 
have room for my smaller dolls. These larger dolls are
so sweet but I have to leave room for my guest and family 
to sleep! I do have lots of shelves but nothing big enough 
for these sweet big dolls even my Rag Dolls are still stored! 
This one  cutie has been in storage for over 20 years
Miss Piggy (I think she needed her hair combed)
Here is a little red white and blue for this day too
And may we never forget our Freedom and 
the men and women 
who have fought for our USA!

And we need to stop and smell the wild flowers along 
the way these grew on my fence and were so pretty! They wrapped 
around some old picture frames I had hung up to
repaint. These flowers were just beautiful I could not 
move the picture frames I just let them grow and
be pretty!!!!!
Thanks for visiting me!
Have a great and wonderful DAY!

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