Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My I Spy Shelves

I have so much that I want to use to create with
and my granddaughter came over and help me dust
and clean a few weeks ago. She called this big
bookcase filled with many things the "I Spy Shelf"
She said, it was fun to see what you could find!
I am sure she was RIGHT it is where I put
items that I wanted to look at and work with!                                                            

Yes my home is Home of the Brave. This is a
picture of three of my 4 children. I cannot
believe they are all in their 50's now and my 
youngest son will be 5o next year! OH my 
time sure fly's by me! I am so thankful
for all the wonderful times of my journey
through many roads of up and downs! 
I  too have spied many beautiful setting 
of good memories. Life is a picture book
and I got lots stored up. Just like these shelves.
Somethings may not ever get used if I don't
hurry up and create with them! What do you
Spy? Ha Ha, I did laugh at what my granddaughter 
said when she called this a "I spy shelf"

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