Thursday, June 19, 2008

Selling Vintage Dolls and Doll Clothes

The above picture is me, as a toddler.
I always loved my dolls, as you can
see, under my arm is a doll. I sure wish
my mother had kept that doll. This picture
is around 65 years ago. Now you can guess
my age. I too am very vintage! My sweet
husband brought me 3 vintage dolls
for Christmas one year and that where my
doll collection story begin, in the 1990's
He told me every girl needs a doll for Christmas
It made me cry! I will always remember that Christmas!

I am going to be selling some my Lovely Dolls.
This blog journal will be a place

to start to show them off
I have some of my collections of dolls to sell
and many lovely old vintage doll clothes
I just don't have to room to display all of them
I am going to set a buy it now on this blog
Any questions please email me as I check in often

Thanks for looking and have a Wonderful Day!


Nance said...

WOW Judy! I love your dolls, I too collects dolls, I have a few vintage but most of them are Barbies. Your blog inspires me to show them off. Hope you don't mine if I'll reference your blog to my post?
How about exchanging link, i will add you to my blog roll Here
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Denise said...

Greetings... Such a nice comment on my blog and I am happy to meet you..... I love your blog but not sure which one to leave the comment on..... so I am hoping you get this comment.......... I have been ok but struggling with my back and I see a surgeon on Tuesday..... I covet your prayers...I will come back and look around in the next couple of days........
there are so many lovely things to look at!